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We are aware of the fact of how hard it is to go shopping at a physical store. Well, it takes up a lot of time and effort. In addition, you'll also have to spend more money to go there merely. That includes fuel and even parking fees in most cases.

How and Where to utilize my Shoe Embassy Voucher Codes?

  1. Choose a pair or pairs of shoes that you like and avail your Shoe Embassy Voucher Code from Vouchers Tree
  2. Simply copy the code from our website and follow the link through to the Shoe Embassy homepage
  3. To find the hottest footwear online, browse through Shoe Embassy so that you can choose a the best gadgets for your kitchen.
  4. After all this procedure, click the booking page
  5. Paste your Shoe Embassy discount codes
  6. Simply finish up the whole bookings procedure.

More about Shoe Embassy

Shoe Embassy was established in 2011 and ever since their early beginnings they have become one of the trendiest London locations – from Brick Lane to Camden, Spitalfields to Greenwich – and they are still growing! Shoe Embassy has established itself as the leading name in the manufacturers of fine Leather shoes across UK. To make this experience even better, you can always get the best Shoe Embassy Discount Codes at Vouchers Tree.

Let the affair begin because you are definitely going to fall in love with your first pair! While visiting Shoe Embassy, you will discover a multitude of unique designs and colours to match your distinct style. Shopping and choosing at Shoe Embassy is a unique experience that is full of excitement, thrill and leaves you feeling exhilarated which leaves you yearning for more. Especially, when you get to treat your feet in the finest leather with Shoe Embassy Discounts.

Once you have had the pleasure of sliding a pair onto your feet, you will feel delightfully comfortable. The genuine leather used for their shoes is so soft and comfortable that you can sleep soundly like a baby with these shoes on. A pair of Embassy shoes is as light as feather on your feet because of its genuine quality. So, go ahead and indulge yourself. With Shoe Embassy Voucher Codes right here on our page, you can avail even better bargains and stock up your wardrobe with the best genuine leather shoes you can find online in UK.

Did You Know?

You can also read about a variety of different topics about footwear, foot care a and some amazing new arrivals and Shoe Embassy Discounts through a monthly newsletter. So, if you want to receive the latest news from Shoe Embassy subscribe to their mailing list and get 10% off on your next purchase online.

Instant Savings

If you have any doubts about shopping online for footwear because of size and quality then keeps those doubts aside. You can easily send it back if it doesn’t fit. Buying from Shoe Embassy is also great because it offers free delivery all over UK and 50% off on shipping worldwide. If all these bargains are still not enough to convince you, then the good news is that you can get some worthy Shoe Embassy Discounts at Vouchers Tree as well. You have the choice to select the best and save greatly online while shopping from the leading online footwear outlet, Shoe Embassy.

Shoe Embassy Tips

Shoe Embassy

Just buying good shoes is never good enough. A sturdy pair of leather shoes also requires careful care and maintenance. Here are some interesting tips from Shoe Embassy to give your favourite pair a longer life and care.

  • Prevent your shoes from getting wet, but if unfortunately they do get wet, let them dry naturally at room temperature, do not place them next to direct heat, such as a radiator. Remember to clean your shoes with a clean cloth or brush and don’t let any dirt settle in them. Water dries and makes the brittle so avoid water completely. Using water repellents on your shoes is also a good idea.
  • Avoid direct heat as your leather shoes should never be allowed to dry out. Basically, the leather overcooks and becomes brittle and stiff. Allow the shoes to be aired inside out with dry, room temperature air.
  • Shoe Embassy shoes or rather any leather shoes require some rest so so not wear your leather shoes for two consecutive days.
  • Although, new leather shoes may feel slightly tight in the beginning but it definitely loosens up with time and settle according to the width or the form of the foot.
  • To keep your leather shoes that you have bought using Shoe Embassy Voucher Codes from Voucher Tree in top notch condition and shape, using a Shoe Horn is must. When you put on your shoes, use a shoehorn to slip your foot easily inside the shoes instead of using any force. This protects the heel collar and counter from unnecessary wear and tear. It also averts rips of more gentle leather.
  • To wash off White Salt Marks that can prove damaging to your shoes, use a 50/50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. After wiping them dry apply the wet shoes method.
  • Keep a check on your heel tips because they tend to wear and tear more. Regularly take them for repair.
  • Genuine leather lining inside the shoes by Shoe Embassy may tint your lighter coloured socks because of their natural dye, so take your precautions.

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Shoe Embassy Voucher Codes

Shoe Embassy retails a fabulous selection of the finest leather ladies shoes. all items are expertly made by Europeans craftsman from high-quality European leather. Established in 2011, Shoe Embassy typify the absolute best in London style, with store in the trendiest areas, for example, Brick Lane and Camden.

In case you're searching for unique footwear to coordinate your particular style, Shoe Embassy is exactly what you need. Besides, fashion begins from the feet upwards, so put your best foot forward, get Shoe Embassy Discounts and get a good deal on the hottest footwear.

Using the finest leather, Shoe Embassy has established its names as the exclusive maker of both Ladies and Men’s footwear in Europe that use nothing but the finest European leather. To step up your fashion game and to stay on top of the fashion fiesta, Shoe Embassy is the name for you. This is one brand that will truly help you discover your unique style.