Privacy Policy

In order to follow the GDPR, we at Vouchers Tree have created this privacy policy to help you understand what we do with your data.

At Vouchers Tree, we have dedicated our efforts to assure that our visitors can surf our site in a safe and comfortable environment. – Your privacy is as precious to us as it is to you!

We expect our clients to be fair and honest while providing personal data. Therefore, kindly go through our Privacy Policy so that you are aware of what data you should share with us and what we do with it.

What Info Do We Need?

We’ll only ask you to provide us with necessary information like your name, email address, etc.

How We Manage Your Data?

If you are wondering whether we share your data or not, we’ll be honest that we don’t. All info that you share with us is kept confidential. We never share your data with any third-party. Besides, we only use your data to provide the latest and best coupons and offers.


We’d like all our visitors to know that they are solely responsible for the claims they make. If for any reason, they are unable to avail a deal or discount, Vouchers Tree will not take responsibility. Remember, we only promote offers with the help of a dedicated affiliate link that is provided to us. In any difficulty, you have to deal or communicate with the vendor if you aren’t able to enjoy a discount code.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. Cookies help us to distinguish you from other users. In addition, we are also able to enhance the experience you’ll get from our excellent platform. By browsing our site, you are agreeing with our cookie policy and don’t mind us saving.

Cookies are basically small files that are transferred into your systems to reduce the loading speed of our site for you. They are commonly used by almost every website to enhance user experience.

Consent to the Privacy Policy

Once you accept our terms and privacy policy and provide us with the necessary information, you’ll be able to enjoy our services. Apart from that, since we follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the freedom to request us by withdrawing your consent in favor of our privacy policy. You can simply do that by reaching out us on [email protected]

Will We Make Changes to The Privacy Policy?

To be honest, due to changes in international laws regarding privacy and only security, you may see us alter the policy from time to time. We will surely reach out to you for your consent if a significant change is being made.

For any further queries regarding Vouchers Tree’s Privacy policy, feel free to reach out to us via email, or our contact us form.