Money Saving Travel Tips to Know This Summer

Months of planning for your perfect summer getaway finally comes to an end as you finally get time off to relax. Even though this is the perfect time to get that tan or sip those martinis, peak-season travel is often expensive. The warm weather and the fact that children are on a break from school means that more people are flying out, hotel rooms are filling up and summer travel costs are rising. However, if you’re flexible and organized, there are tons of ways to save money on your summer travel. Here are some tips that may come in handy;

1- Pack lightly

It is smarter to save money by packing light rather than stuffing your suitcase with clothes and shoes that you won’t even use on vacation. That way, you don’t have to pay an extra price for overloaded suitcases and can stick to the limit weight. You can coordinate with your travel buddies to pack essentials that everyone will use to optimize efficiency.

2- Use the road that people don’t normally take

It is a fact that popular vacation destinations tend to cost you a lot more money because they are more in demand. Instead, try asking your friends for lesser-known places that many people aren’t aware of but are none the less great vacation spots. That way, you could step out of your comfort zone and explore new things.

3- Choose weekdays

Weekends normally tend to have pricier fare rates as most people depart and arrive on those days. Instead, experiment with mid-week days and arrange your schedule in such a way that you are flying out or back in on a weekday. According to an analysis by, flights are the cheapest on Tuesdays.

4- Research on apps

Look up Travel + Leisure’s list of the 50 best travel apps in order to save money. You’ll learn of apps that provide cheap flights, get you compensations for delays or cancelations and even get you the best rental car rate. All you have to do is research well enough before you leave for your summer vacation!

5- Stay with family or friends, or try Airbnb options

Saving money on hotel rooms is always a plus. Even if you don’t have any friends or family living in the area, you can always rent out Airbnb’s for a similar experience or Skiworld discount codes. Often enough, a beautiful family might let you crash at their place, lessening your homesickness and giving you a chance to know more people.

6- Look for deals

Some hotels allow children under 4 years of age to stay for free while providing 50% off for older children. Furthermore, a lot of people plan their trip backward. Instead of choosing a destination first and then figuring out expenses, they find good prices being offered for destinations around the world and then base their trip around the deals. You can also find the travel deals here

Look for deals

7- Try a cruise

Instead of an all-inclusive resort, you can book a family cruise. A cruise requires less planning as it removes the stress of budgeting for each meal, lodging, and planning. After all, would you rather spend your day at a resort or sail through the vast ocean, visiting different locations on the way?

8- Find a rental with a kitchen

Always find a hotel with a refrigerator and microwave so that you do not have to go out and look for affordable meals. Instead, you can buy fresh food and snacks to help you through the day. You can also try your hand at cooking in a new country. This will help you save a huge bulk of your money and put it to better use.