10 Money Saving Shopping Tips to Reduce Your Expense This Year

10 Money Saving Shopping Tips to Reduce Your Expense This Year

One of the biggest challenges we face as adults is controlling our finances and spending money wisely. Sometimes, we don’t focus much on regular, small bills because they seem insignificant but over time, they accumulate and take away a chunk of our savings. Here are 10 ways you can reduce your expenses this year:

1. Carpool

You can save a lot of money on fuel, maintenance, and parking by simply carpooling with coworkers, or even using public transportation. Cycle around to places close to your home in order to fit in some physical fitness time too. Not only will this help save fuel costs but will also help you stay healthy.


2. Sign up for automatic debt repayment plans

Many installment plans offer an interest rate reduction if you sign up for automatic monthly billing. This helps save a significant amount of money every month and can help you be more efficient, ensuring you won’t miss payments.

Sign up for automatic debt repayment plans

3. Unplug electrical devices

We all have electrical appliances around the house that stay plugged in, even when they are not being used. Even though they draw a small amount of electricity, overtime bills may add up.

Unplug electrical devices

4. Air seal your home

A way to ensure efficiency is air sealing your home. The loss of cool air in the summers and warm air in the winters can increase your utility bills.

Air seal your home

5. Get rid of unused club memberships

Have you applied for a gym membership even though you end up going there once a month? What about your local country club? If you rarely use these services, it’s time to give them up and save money.

Get rid of unused club memberships

6. Avoid eating out

Even though take-outs are a nice luxury, they add up to tremendous expenses. Treat yourself every now and then but make most of your meals at home. You can also freeze the leftovers and use them the next day.

Avoid eating out

7. Stock up on nonperishable items and make use of coupons

Look for coupons and coupon codes for things you use all the time to save money. You can also buy items in bulk so that it reduces the individual cost such as sugar, soap, shampoos and so on. Be wise!

Stock up on nonperishable items and make use of coupons

8. Exercise

You don’t need to join a gym in order to be fit. Long walks or jogs around the neighborhood in the fresh air will do wonders to your health. This will help reduce your weight and keep you fit- hence, reducing medical costs.


9. Switch to refillable water bottles

Often, we gulp down water and throw away the bottle. This accumulation of plastic trash is not only destroying our planet but also causing us to buy plastic bottles over and over again. Instead, look for reusable bottles and stick them in the fridge!

Switch to refillable water bottles

10. Make use of sales

It is always better to shop wisely when your favorite stores host sales. Look out for Christmas sales, Easter sales, Black Friday sales and so on. You can find expensive products at half the price, reducing your overall expenses.

Make use of sales