How to Change Your Name

How to Change Your Name in the UK

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Our name is an essential part of human identity. All necessary documents such as passports, driving licences, educational certificates and other official documents are prepared based on our name. The name gives others a way to recognise us lawfully, officially and socially. A person is allowed to change his name in the UK legally. Official agencies and authorities will always ask for evidence of the name change. Therefore the person must get the name changed legally through a relevant body like Legal Deedpolls.

Reasons Why People Change Their Names

There are many reasons due to which people plan to change their names. However, whatever the reason is, it is entirely legal. But make sure the name is not being adapted for any misleading purposes. It should not cause any loss or damage to any third party.

With the help of Legal Deedpolls, you can quickly get your name changed and start your new life. Below are the most common reasons due to which people tend to change their names.

Don’t Like The Name 

One simple reason for getting a name change can be that the person dislikes his current name. He may consider having a unique or classy name. There might be cases where people find their birth names embarrassing if spelt or mispronounced. Therefore many people seek to change their official names.

Husband Taking Wife’s Name 

Nowadays, many husbands take their wife’s surname in many states like California. In such places, the process is the same when a wife takes the name of their husband. However, in different countries, the process is different and requires complete paperwork.

Name Change after Divorce 

After marriage, usually, women take the name of their husbands. In case they get divorced, the women may want to change her name completely. Many states offer easy ways to get the name changed, but the laws differ according to every country.

Transgender Requesting For Name Change

Transgender people usually wish to change their names to reflect a gender more clearly. The current name can be transferred to a male or female form. They can also demand an entirely new name.

Religious Purposes 

If a person plans to convert from one religion to another, they may plan to change their name. This may be required to reflect the belief accurately. For example, a Christian may plan to convert to Islam so they may request for a new name. Name change due to religious reasons is pretty common in the UK.

Changing the Name Of A Child

In case a child’s mother or father is not present, the other parent would want to change the child’s surname. This is usually common when one of the parents passes away or plans to go on a separation.

Couples Forming Combined Names 

There’s a new trend in which many couples plan to create an original surname by the help of adding theirs and their partners’ name parts. They may also hyphenate the two names for a new surname. In the same way, every country has a different policy regarding this matter.

Political Reasons

Many people plan to change their names due to political reasons. They may want to support a cause or become unnoticed.

Ethnic Names

People that have noticeably “ethnic” names wish to change their names for different causes, comprising simplicity of accent and spelling. Some people tend to regain their ethnic legacy by gain a surname that may not have existed for many years.

Same-Gender Partners Getting the Same Surname

Many states don’t allow same-Gender marriages. However, they can still share surnames for financial and other legal matters. Paperwork is required in such circumstances.

Name Changing by Deed Poll

In the UK, people get their names changed by the deed poll. You may be wondering what a deed poll is? It is an authorised document that verifies the change of title, and it is shown as evidence of your new name for different purposes. Through a deed poll, you can get your passport, license and other legal and educational documents amended.

The deed poll proves that you have given up your old name and will now use your new title for all legal matters. It may have witnesses. To get this process, you must be above the age of 16. There is no need to get the deed registered with the court. However, if you get it registered, it may help to get the deed poll recorded with the Royal Courts of Justice.

The Legal Deedpolls: Best to Get Your Name Legally Changed With Ease

The Legal Deedpolls team has succeeded in providing thousands of customers in the UK with complete deed poll documentation. That helps them to get their names changed rapidly and securely legally. They offer a straightforward approach to make it clear for all customers.

With excellent customer support, they provide recommendations and high level of services. Their deed poll services include:

Generate the deed poll and post it with comprehensive guidelines. They also state how to sign and witness it.
Create a cover letter to direct to organisations composed with the deed poll, skilfully formatted.

They provide four different categories of services which include:

Adult Deed Poll Service
Child Deed Poll Service
Replacement Deed Poll Service
Child Replacement Deed Poll Service
Adult Deed Poll Service

Through this, you can get your name changed simply and quickly within a few weeks. You are allowed to change your name entirely or a part of your name through the Adult Deed Poll Service. This may include changing the spelling or re-arranging your current names.

Child Deed Poll Service 

If a person is planning to change a child’s name through a deed poll, every person with parent duty must agree to the change of the name. The transformation of the child’s name is the same as an adult name change.

Getting the name changed legally is pretty straightforward if the people with parental responsibilities agree with it. If they refuse to do so, the name can’t be changed until you receive a court order.

Replacement Deed Poll and Child Replacement Deed Poll Service

You can receive your replaced or misplaced deed poll within 1 to 5 working days. Through the legal Deedpoll site, you can apply and order for a new Deed poll by filling out the application form. The application form will deliver you a deed poll that will contain a further statement that you will use the current name for all legal matters and transaction from the date mentioned.