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Need a chic leather accessories that work? Check out The Azurina Store

2020 is here, and so are the new fashion trends. It’s the start of a new decade, and we would want you to be honest to yourself from the very beginning. So, let’s start with the leather bag shopping. Do you think you have enough leather accessories like handbags for the whole winter? Do you have a stylish leather purse that can make a statement at a wedding party? Are they significant enough to make you look chic? Well, you might want to say yes, but we know that there is still some space in your closet for a quality faux leather bag. If you are looking for stylish yet functional leather bags, then you have come to the right place. The Azurina has a range of multipurpose bags and purses that are not only amazing, but they are affordable.

Why do we need to carry a bag?

We understand that boys and girls both need bags to carry their regular stuff for school and college. Girls use different sorts of handbags for different occasions, and so are boys. It doesn’t matter why they carry a bag because carrying a bag can be a bold fashion statement. You can add your personal style with your need and carry a stylish bag that serves the purpose and make you look cool as well. So, it is time to do the shopping that is going to add valuable items in your closet for different occasions.

The Azurina Store

Azurina Store is a newly established company that makes multipurpose handbags for men and women. It is your one-stop-shop for all types of bags and purses. They don’t limit their creation for one particular style and serves the need of a large audience. One thing special about them is that they let you personalise your items. You can buy the monogrammed handbags of different kinds or have your initials monogrammed on all the accessories that you buy from here.

Here in this blog, we will be extensively looking at their product categories.

1) Oversised Handbags:

Oversized handbag

Let’s start with our first and most extensive line of handbags that are available in different designs, colours, sizes, and textures. We have all sorts of bags to serve everyone. Whether you are a professional woman trying to fit a laptop and a bunch of other documents in your bag, or you like to carry a big bag because you have plenty of stuff to keep for your college, we have got you. We have a range of monogrammed bags which include Tote, Berlin Shopper, and Hobo bags in different styles and colours. These are made with quality material that makes them durable and yet chic. They say a woman can never have enough of oversised bags because she always finds stuff to put in them, and that is very true for those who work and have a family.

2) Cross-Body Bags:

Cross Body Bags

Every day is a different day which is why it wouldn’t be fair to carry the same bag to your work or college every day. This is why people experiment with other options. Azurina has got plenty of alternatives for you to experiment in the handbag’s category. Try the new crossbody bags for women. Crossbody bags are a new trend that has been really popular among girls and boys of all ages.

These bags are not too small nor too big, so they seem very reasonable for every casual occasion. You would wear them like any other satchel bag, but these are way cooler than normal satchel bags. You can go to your college with this bag, and you can wear them on your date night as well.They are also best when you are travelling and want to keep your personal items with you all the time. They come in different designs and shapes so rock them on your weekend dates and trip.

3) Mini Bags:

Mini Bags

More than often, you have got to do some socialisation. So, it would be appropriate that you dress up according to the social standards. For socialisation purposes, fashion experts suggest carrying a mini bag in which you could manage your phone, lipstick or something like that. Socialisation doesn’t have to involve work, so there is no need to carry oversised monogrammed leather handbags. Manage your items in a small handy bag. Either wear them on your shoulder or hand-carry it while you visit your friend at her home or have lunch at some outdoor place. Azurina offers you small or medium-sized bowling bags, Baguette style bags, and mini bags made of faux fur.

4) Pouches & Clutches:

pouches & clutches

There are times when you have to attend the work-related parties, and then there are the weekend parties. Now both occasions require different attire, and you need to have different pouches and clutches to rock yourself at a party. The Azurina have just the perfect pieces for you, and these are the moon-shaped leather clutches in different shades and texture that can be used at both parties. Besides the moon clutches, Azurina has got a bunch of small pouches in the fancy and plain range that could go perfectly with your fancy gowns and jewellery.

5) Makeup Bags:

Makeup Bags

Women have so many amazing qualities and compartmentalising is definitely one of them. If you are like most women, you would definitely need a makeup bag. A makeup bag is like any other medium-sized simple bag and comes with zip closure. You can keep your make up in it and put it in a drawer at your home. You can also take these makeup bags while travelling to carry makeup or your daily skincare products in them.It would be easy for you to carry a separate bag for such stuff. Otherwise, things have a way of getting lost when they are in an oversised bag.

6) Cardholders:

Card holders

Considering women are killing in all fields of life, it is about time that we launch cardholders for both men and women. We don’t like to discriminate but, so you know, Azurina offers you personalised cardholders of different styles.Both genders can choose the style or colour from our website and personalise it by having their initials on it. These are small cardholders in which you can keep a few cards, and these can be easily fitted in your small clutch, mini pouches or wallets.So, even while socialising, you can do some networking. All of our products are the epitome of class and quality, and we take pride in offering people value products for their reasonable money.

7) Notebooks:


Are you looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones this year? Do they like writing a personal journal? If yes, then there would be nothing nicer than buying a classy notebook with a nice leather cover. The Azurina has different sizes of notebooks, and you can browse the website and find the perfect notebook for your loved one and choose to have their initials on it to make it more personalised for them. It would be nice to gift a notebook to someone. The inner notebook has pages with single lines while the cover is a little fancy yet simple.

8) Men’s Wallet:

mens wallet

The Azurina Store isn’t limited to ladies’ accessories, as mentioned before. The store has a few timeless items for men as well. One of the classy accessories that most men carry is a wallet. So, we made a few classic wallets in more than one colour. These are made with best quality leather and a perfect accessory to carry at high-end social gatherings and for personal use. The personalised wallet also seems a reasonable gift for any special man in your life.

9) Men’s Briefcase:

mens briefcase

For any professional gentleman, we have a beautiful briefcase, just like a bag. It is made with genuine leather and only available in black colour. It has plenty of pockets, and sections to carry your laptop, files, documents, visiting cards, journals and a bunch of other stuff. Best fit for those who need to carry the official documentation with them all the time. One bag can put all your things in one place and keep it in a close range. So, even when you aren’t in the office, you still have access to the important things.

10) Keyrings:


Although we don’t make this much of a big deal, nice keyrings are always attractive. There are so many occasions where you a nice keyring seems a perfect gift. Suppose you have bought a new house and you want to make it a surprise for your partner. How about giving her the monogrammed leather keyring from our own collection? The personalised keyring will always be a reminder of this nice surprise gesture.

11) Phone Covers & Pouches:

phone & pouches

These days a mobile phone is a much-preferred accessory, and everyone has one. Just like any handy things, phones also fall a lot no matter how careful you are. The phones might have metal bodies, but their touch screens are made of glass-like material. A little bit of hard falling can damage the camera lens or leave a crack on the phone screen. That’s why there has been a popular use of phone covers. The Azurina store has got you covered on the phone covers and pouches in different colours. Surely, they are made of plastic and not the leather stuff, but these sleek and yet simple phone cases work for your regular use. You can always choose to put your initials on it. So, get your personalised phone case from Arurina today.

12) Passport Cover:

passport cover

For someone who has everything and doesn’t really need any more handbags, you need to think about something that has absolute value. And for this, Azurina has made passport covers on which you can have your and your significant other’s initials. Still not clear about what we just said. Let’s elaborate. Suppose you and your significant other have been together for some time and you want to take a trip together somewhere far.So, what would be the perfect thing at this moment?A passport wrapped in a nice leather cover monogrammed with both of your name’s initials would be ideal for sure.

13) Luggage Tags:

Luggage Tags

When you have handbags, purses and phone covers with your initials on it, it would be right to have a few luggage tags with your initials as well. These can be used when you are travelling. Especially when you are at the airport, this can help you identify your luggage easily in a pile of luggage. You can choose these monogrammed luggage tags as an additional gift for someone special who travels a lot.

14) Gift Cards:

gift cards

Usually, we send gifts or money to our loved ones, but the technology has made its way into our lives. Now there is a way to send money and gift at the same time by buying gift cards from a website. With a range of products, Azurina also sells gift cards so that your loved one could buy the things they like from here on their own. This option work for those who don’t know what to buy for the other person. This way you could give them an option to choose whatever they like, and you don’t have to spend a load of money.

Wrap Up

Now that we have taken a deep dive in every product category, it explains what these things are and how they can fit in your daily lives, we hope that you will consider Azurina for your next shopping spree. We assure you that you won’t regret shopping from us. Every item will be assured of quality and durability. Our goal is to offer fashionable products on affordable prices so that everyone could become a fashionista in his or her own way.

Luckily, this year, we have a 30 % discount offer for students and a 20 % discount on every product with our exclusive discount code PR8HN0486GP7. So, don’t waste more time and grab whatever you like because the discount offer isn’t going to last forever.