Fathers Day Buying Guide for a Shoe String Budget

Father’s Day Buying Guide for a Shoe String Budget

Father’s Day is right around the corner and this time, we’re fully prepared with a list of things you can get to celebrate this day with your special someone. Instead of scrambling around for some end time half-hearted present, this Father’s Day surprise your dad with things he’ll actually make use of. Whether your father is into sports or technology or loves skincare regimens or is more of an outdoor kind of guy, this time you can show him exactly how much he means to you by bringing him a well thought out gift, even if you are low on cash. This list will provide you with an array of alternatives that can easily fit into your tight knot budget;

1. Echo Dot

Smart speakers are an essential part of every modern household. Often enough, we find it hard to look for speakers that fit our budget. However, the Echo Dot speakers only cost 0.99 pounds and are easily available on Amazon. By paying for a month of Amazon Music Unlimited family plan, you can avail this super cheap offer. In total, you’ll be spending 15 pounds in total and you don’t even have to renew the subscription the next month if you don’t want to. Pretty cool, right?

Echo Dot

2. Kindle

Most dads have a different taste in books than their kids so it’s rather difficult finding them a good book that they’ll enjoy. However, with the latest technology, you can now give your father access to his favorite books instead. Fun fact: you’ll also be saving loads of paper! With the Kindle, your dad will have access to thousands of books and can also read late at night with the Kindle’s night light mode.


3. Coffee machine

“As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad could things really be?” Maybe it’s time for our dads to ditch the instant local coffee and invest in espresso makers for a change. We all know that the lack of caffeine can really make people dysfunctional. This Father’s Day keep a lookout for the Tassimo coffee machine, it’ll be on sale!

Coffee machine

4. Men’s starter kit

A face and body routine for those dads who like the skincare regime is a must. You can invest in Kiehl’s men’s starter kit or look for similar cheap alternatives. A starter kit normally includes a facial scrub, shaving cream, moisturizer, and the ultimate body scrub. However, you can add things based on your dad’s personal preferences that’ll help him pamper himself from time to time.

Men’s starter kit

5. Wallet

Seems basic, doesn’t it? But when was the last time you saw your dad with a brand-new wallet? Chances are, he’s been using the same wallet since you were a kid. Wallets can be super personal presents, too. All you need to do is get one in his favorite color and get something inscribed in it. This could be an inside joke or some name you call him or something that he could remember you by. You can also add a picture of the two of you as a final personal touch.


6. Duffle bag

You can’t possibly go wrong with a super basic, classic duffle bag! Be it for hiking purposes or for the gym, your dad can use it on multiple occasions. Be sure to check out Herschel’s duffle bags as they tend to go on sale very often. Every time your dad uses the duffle bag, he’ll be reminded of you and of course, he will get loads of compliments on his classic duffle bag.

Duffle bag

7. Portable movie projector

What can one do when in the mood of movie night? An old school projector is not portable and is not useful, especially when he needs to travel. With a portable movie projector, your father can have his very own movie night in the backyard or poolside whenever he wants and can also pop it in his duffle bag when he’s traveling. If you’re lucky, he could also split it between you and your siblings. Win-win situation!

Portable movie projector

8. Slide slippers

A little cheesy but you can invest in “best dad” slides that your dad can wear around the house. They’re super soft, super comfortable slippers that will very much come into use, especially on holidays when your dad is around. You can get them on cheap prices from Amazon and make his day.

Slide slippers

9. Tile Mate: locate your missing keys without wasting time

A super cheap and helpful option for those forgetful dads who always lose their things is Tile Mate. It could be a wallet, a set of keys, devices and so on. This thoughtful gift could really come in handy, especially when he’s getting late for work and can’t find his car keys. All he needs to do is, attack the Tile Mate to his key or wallet and link it to his smartphone. That way, he can locate his belongings every time he loses them!

Tile Mate: locate your missing keys without wasting time

10. Cologne

Even though everyone’s favorite scents change from time to time, there are still those few perfumes that we always go back to. Find out what that scent is for your dad and help him stock up on it. Or, you could also introduce him to a new scent. That way, he’ll come to associate that scent with you and each time he uses that cologne, he’ll think of you. This is a great way to make a basic present in a personal one.