Birthday Party For Your Kid

7 Money-Saving Tips To Organize A Birthday Party For Your Kid Without Breaking The Bank

Kids’ birthday parties seem a lot more decorative now than they did when we were young. Parents nowadays buy ponies and bouncing castles and transform their houses into some fantasy worlds. Eventually, they don’t understand that kids don’t really want decorations; however, they seek fun. So rather than wasting a huge sum of money you should think wisely and pull off ideas which can make the party fun rather than attractive. You can also find coupon codes which will help you get lots of things at better prices.

You might be wondering about ways to make your child happy without breaking the bank. Consider these ideas to cut the costs and make the birthday one memorable one.

Decide on a Budget

The first thing when planning a birthday party is deciding upon the budget. You should know how much you are willing to spend. If you don’t plan a budget, then you might not know the limit, and you will spend more than you wanted. The budget should be decided accordingly for example how much you are willing to spend on food, cake, decoration, location, clothes, etc. In this way, you will know your limits and will avoid overspending.

Make your invitations

Rather than finding and wasting money on getting invites printed, you should make them yourself. Or ask your child to prepare them. In this way, he will stay encouraged and will be more creative. This is also a fun opportunity for your kid and will save a large sum of money.

Plan a Simple Theme

Planning a birthday party based on a specific character can be very costly. For example, you would have to get particular napkins, plates and cups all according to the style and theme. The printing or purchasing costs will definitely get a lot. Trust me, the kids really don’t care about the theme. They focus only on fun rather than such things. You can just decorate your house with balloons and banners which will be more than enough. Even if you want to add some more decorations than make them yourself. Don’t get them done by an event planner or don’t purchase anything. Your handwork would save a lot of money.

Avoid Ordering Food

One thing which breaks your budget is serving food to all the guests. You will have to order pizza or some other food which will turn out to be very expensive. There is one solution to this. Set the party hours for mid-afternoon, so your visitors don’t have any expectations for a complete meal. You can keep homemade snacks, or you can just purchase juices which will cut half of the costs. Believe me; this is one way you can save a lot of money. You can also get snacks by availing coupon codes which can be achieved online or via newspapers.

Few Guests

Another way to save a substantial chunk of money is to restrict the number of guests. Keep the birthday party only for your kids’ friends. Avoid calling others. Also, give a specific figure that your child can invite. Ask him to keep the number less for a better party. The fewer the kids, the lesser would be the costs.

Bake the Cake Yourself

Don’t purchase or order a cake from a bakery. Cakes from bakeries may be of exceptional quality and taste, but they will hurt your budget badly. Make a big chocolate fudge cake and bake some cupcakes. The kids would love the cake.

Now and then you can also get many voucher codes which will help you get a cake at meager prices. This is one way if you can’t bake a cake yourself.


Keeping a birthday party away from home will always be expensive. Plus, it would get difficult to handle all the kids. Make your home look better, and with fun activities, kids would love it and find it better than other places. Use soft toys and balloons to grab the attention of children.


If you’re trying to be economical, consider giving your child a better party with good games rather than costly decorations and themes. Make a budget before starting, and automatically your planning and work will get smooth. You can also find coupon codes online, which will help you get food and cake at better prices.