All About Eyelash Extensions: The Eyelash Emporium

Eyelash extensions are now becoming a new and popular trend. The reason behind this is that women nowadays don’t have the time to put on fake lashes every day. They prefer to get eyelash extensions done to avoid the use of eyelash curlers and save their time. But many people think they can’t afford the prices of such services. However, there are many ways they can get the extensions within a small budget too. Read below to find out more about lash extensions and how the process takes place. 

What Are Eyelash Extensions? 

Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are the best way to enrich the length, thickness, and beauty of your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are artificial or natural hair fibres applied to your natural lashes with surgical glue. The lashes are applied one by one very patiently on your lashes. It is a long process of around 2 hours. 

If you take good care of these extensions after being applied, they last for a long time. However, you still have to get touch-ups done every 2 to 3 weeks. With the help of these touch-ups or fillings, your lashes look prettier. 

Mascaras can never achieve the enhancement done by these extensions. If you look at the celebrities firmly in Mascara ads, they also have eyelash extensions applied. Mascaras never give such a good look after getting used. 

Appointments for maintenance are mandatory after you get eyelash extensions. Fillings depend on the natural growth of your lashes. The more they grow, the less you will have to get the extensions filled. 

Facts To Know Before Booking An Eyelash Extension Appointment

Many people are not sure whether they should go for an eyelash extension. However, believe it or not, the results of these extensions are marvellous. Every morning when you’ll wake up to see your face in the mirror, the beauty of your eyes will make you feel gorgeous. Yet there are a few guidelines to keep in mind so you can make your process go smoother. 

    • Find The Best Eyelash Extensions Professional – Make sure that your lash technician is a professionally certified person. This process can also cause risks if not done correctly. Therefore we suggest that The Eyelash Emporium is the best place to find a team of professionals. They are highly expert and specialised in their work and offer remarkable services. 
    • Choose Your Eyelash Extensions Look Sensibly – There’s a massive difference between gorgeous lashes and heavy, fake-looking lashes. Make sure the technician you choose is a person who helps you suggest what will suit you the best. A look you see in a picture may not look the same on you. Make a wise choice or consult the technician as they may have better knowledge than you. 


  • There Are Few Risks: A few people have complained about rare issues caused by lash extensions. These may include infections or allergies due to the glue used. They may also occur due to the unsanitary tools used in the process. However, if you choose a professional and certified technician, these problems may never happen. They would be much more careful than other uncertified people. 


  • Be Aware Of The Process: As mentioned above, the process is long and complicated. The lashes maybe 60-120 individually, which may take a long time to be applied one by one patiently and professionally. This process can take a good 2 hours to be done. Hydrating eye pad is put on top of your lashes to keep your lashes on point. Many people get exhausted and tired during the process. So it’s better to be aware of what is going to happen. But trust me, the results are lovely. 



The Process Of Applying Eyelash Extensions 

The process of eyelash extensions is not just as easy as applying false lashes. However, the procedure is much more professional and technical. As you will enter the clinic, a technician will walk up to you and hand you over a menu. You also have the option to get an incredible and customised lash set. Consultation with the technician will help you make a better decision. They will guide your extensions according to your face structure. If you explain your preferences which can be long, short or curved, they will manage to customise the extensions according to your dream lashes. 

As soon as you come out of the bet when a long two-hour process is complete, you’ll see your eyes all heavy and burdened. It may seem weird for a couple of days but trust me you’ll start loving your beautiful eyes. Either you can get a  Kim Kardashian-inspired lashes or customised lash extensions according to your fondness. 

That’s not over! Right after two or three weeks, you’ll have to revisit the clinic for maintenance. If you take good care of your lashes, the extensions will last longer, and you will need fewer fillings. There are some things which you should avoid after getting lash extensions: 

  • Avoid using oily products on your face. If the product goes anywhere near your eyes, it can damage your extensions, and the glue will get removed. The removal of glue would not last your extensions long. 
  • To remove makeup, try using micellar water with cotton pieces. Rubbing your eyes with water or any other makeup remover can have a harmful impact on the lash extensions. Avoid any other product.  
  • DO NOT USE MASCARAS. Mascaras would not give a better look; however, they will also cause an adverse impact on your natural eyelashes. 
  • Don’t scrub your face while washing it. It may bump your lashes and break them. This will result in need of fillings in a very short time. 
  • Never pick your lashes. Get them always removed by a technician. They know precisely how a lash can be removed if it is causing you a problem. While picking it yourself, you may break your natural lashes too. 
  • Never sleep, keeping your face towards the bed. You can use a travel pillow to sleep straight.

Best Eyelash Extensions


To keep your lashes safe and for a longer run, be careful and prevent them from breaking. And make sure you brush them frequently just like the way you brush your hair. 

The Eyelash Emporium: Best Place To Get A New Look

There are many salons and technicians out there who can give your eyelashes a new look, but you can’t expect them to offer you reasonable prices. However, The Eyelash Emporium is packed with a team of highly certified technicians who give their clients a satisfied and beautiful result. Apart from their top-notch services, they won’t charge you an arm and leg for the lash extensions. They provide you with a satisfactory outcome at a reasonable price. 

At The Eyelash Emporium, you will find a menu offering beautiful and high-end eyelash collections. From long fluffy lashes to naturally inspired lashes, you can choose whatever you want at reasonable rates. Read below to see what Studio Strip lashes they are offering:  


  • THANK U, Next Studio Strip Lashes: The elegant, intense and multi-layered lash offer you with a beautiful winged outer corner.

THANK U, Next Studio Strip Lashes


  • Extra AF Studio Strip Lashes: By name, it specifies the extra AF dramatic look it offers. Best for a highly glamorous and party look. 

Extra AF Studio Strip Lashes




  • Dusk ’til Dawn Studio Strip Lashes: For day time as well as night parties, these lashes make you look stunning in every look. 


Dusk 'til Dawn Studio Strip Lashes


  • Get That Angle Studio Strip Lashes: If you have close-set eyes, these will give you an enhanced look with a beautiful corner wing.  


Get That Angle Studio Strip Lashes


  • Act Natural Studio Strip Lashes: What’s better than a beautiful and natural look? Take the chance to get these naturally customised look. 


Act Natural Studio Strip Lashes

  • Walk of Fame Studio Strip Lashes: Those who love a subtle and sophisticated look can get their hands on these lashes.

Walk of Fame Studio Strip Lashes

  • Money Shot Studio Strip Lashes: The lash is famous for getting a fully glammed look for an Instagram worthy picture.

Money Shot Studio Strip Lashes

  • Make A Scene Studio Strip Lashes: For a different spiky style look, these lashes have been made for special and unique lash lovers.

Make A Scene Studio Strip Lashes

  • So Dramatic Studio Strip Lashes: Centrally filled lashes with a perfect dramatic look would make you seem like an inspiring beauty.

So Dramatic Studio Strip Lashes:

  • After Party Studio Strip Lashes: No matter what size or shape your eyes are, these extensions would help you give a pretty and glamorous look.

After Party Studio Strip Lashes:


As you can see that getting Eyelash extensions is not an easy process. It is time consuming and a technical method to give you a groomed and flattering look. However, if you still feel that the costs are too high or unaffordable, try finding coupons or vouchers to get rid of high prices. Eyelash Emporium Discount codes are also available to help you get a glammed look in half the costs. Get a chance to fulfill your lash dreams with the help of voucher codes.